Copper Clad Aluminum

Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (CCA) 10% & Copper Clad Aluminum Wire (CCA) 15%
Size Range: AWG sizes: 1/0 - 38 / 0.3249" to 0.0040" / 8.25mm to 0.100mm 
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A method of and apparatus for producing copper clad aluminum wire is provided in which a copper strip, while being formed into a cylindrical shape, is placed on the outer side of an aluminum core and the seam of the copper strip is then welded together to prepare a clad wire of the aluminum core and the copper strip, and thereafter the clad wire is subjected to a reducing process to produce a copper clad aluminum wire. The welding of the seam of the copper strip is effected in a closed atmosphere (shielding box) filled with an inert gas, and the diameter reducing operation is carried out through a die whose half-approach angle (i.e., a half approach angle) is between 35° and 55° and at a temperature below 200°C to insure a complete metallurgical bonding between the copper sheath and the aluminum core.

We offer the following sizes: AWG sizes: 1/0 - 14 / 0.3249" to 0.0508" / 8.25mm to 1.29mm 
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CCA Wire
  • Lighter in weight than Copper
  • Higher in conductivity than Aluminum
  • Higher than Tensile Strength than Aluminum
  • Better solderability than Aluminum
  • Reduces weight of coils made
  • Ratio of copper cladding can be selected from 5, 10, 15% per your specs
  • To provide a high frequency resistance, Copper Clad Aluminum Wire can be in the same diameter as copper conductor.
  • Copper Clad Aluminum Quotation

Copper Clad Alumimum Wire 10% Specifications

Copper Clad Alumimum Wire 15% Specifications

Copper Clad Aluminium AWG 14 - 30 Chart

Comparing Coooper Clad Aluminum with Copper and Aluminum Chart

Available Insulations

Glass Fibers 200°C

Dacron Glass 200°C

Polyester 200°C

Polyurethane Nylon 155°C

Polyurethane 155°C

Other Insulations available